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Don't let the price fool you, this isn't a budget milk pump controller! We set out to produce the best, most fully featured and most robust controller that we could design and then, only after we were satisfied with the quality and the features, used smart design practices and a sharp pencil to make it one of the cheapest units on the market.


Waterproof. The MPC has an IP rating of 66. At Sema we have tested the water tightness of these units extensively. Testing has included immersion and repeated freeze and re-heat tests We feel that the rating of IP66 is, if anything, pessimistic.

Designed for Rural Power Conditions: While there is a limit to the power variations that any unit can tolerate both the single and three phase models of the MPC can operate within very wide voltage limits, have surge suppression built in and have generously sized capacitors to help them ride through temporary voltage dips.

Appearance. The MPC looks fantastic (Yes I know that we're prejudiced) In appearance and functionality it's truly a 21st century device.

Quality. The MPC is built on an Invertek E2 variable speed drive chassis. Invertek are a very well known and respected European drive manufacturer based in Wales. The quality of their drives equals or surpasses the best that Europe has to offer.

Bells and Whistles. The MPC has them all!! Incredibly simple and fast setup at the end of which the unit will be fully optimised for the milking shed that it's installed in. All settings can be adjusted while the pump is running. Eco-Flow mode provides the slowest possible flow of milk through the plate cooler to optimise heat extraction and give the lowest possible milk delivery temperature to the vat. All units come with Froth Fighter software installked.

You won't believe how simple and easy it is to setup and run the MPC. The keypad and screen have been designed from the ground up to be incredibly easy to use.

In addition to the few items listed above the MPC has, quite literally, hundreds of other thoughtful design features, like the high intensity green LED located above the On/Off button that lets you see at a glance (even from the end of the pit on a bright summers day) whether the unit is running, is waiting for milk, or has a problem .

To see more of the MPC's features please click the link below to go to the manuals page and download the latest manual.