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The WPC shares all of the robustness and ease of use of the MPC but, unlike the MPC is available in sizes up to 250Kw.

A 4.0kw WPC3-4.0

All of the WPC's regardless of size share these features in common:

  • Loss of Prime protection is built in. If the pump runs dry it will stop and a message will appear on the screen saying that it has stopped for that reason.
  • Maximum Run Time timer. If enabled this timer will only allow the pump to run continuously for the number of hours that are entered before it will stop and display a message advising the operator to check for leaks.
  • Dual set points. Two pressure set-points can be switched between with a digital input.
  • An input is dedicated to monitoring optional external interlocks (Low tank water level etc.)
  • Just like the MPC all parameters can be adjusted without stopping the pump
  • Revolutionary 'Ripple Control' software uses the rate of pressure drop to determine how much water is being used and whether the pump should continue to run or not.

A WPC3-45

(Note the power usage on the VSD's screen, this shows a power saving of 15kw !!)