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We have released a Mk2 version of our larger controllers, see below for details!

Sema variable speed controllers come in one of two formats. Up to and Including 7.5Kw they are in the form shown in the picture on the left.

This is the Mk2 Sema controller which is now (as at January 2016) the standard controller for all applications above 7.5kw. Based  on Invertek Drives heaviest duty Industrial VSD, the 'P2', not only is the Sema microcontroller and keypad integrated right into the front of the drive but extra terminals have been installed into the VSD's junction box to allow for the direct connection of any peripherals that an application may require. The result is a clean and compact installation that's even heavier duty than our previous version and all this comes at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU! For those of you who prefer the traditional Mk 1 style with the Sema microcontroller mounted in a separate box this will still be available but, because we are now only going to use the 'P2' drive for all models above 7.5kw the Mk 1 units will now be slightly more expensive than the Mk 2's 

The Mk1 Sema controllers have a separate microcontroller which plugs into the variable speed drive with a supplied cable. A 1.5M cable is supplied by default but lengths of up to 100M can be supplied on request.

The picture above shows a 15kw WPC Mk1 on the left and a 7.5kw WPC on the right

MPC (Milk Pump Controller)  WPC (Water Pump Controller) VPC (Vacuum Pump Controller)