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=========================Introducing FROTH FIGHTER========================

                                                           PATENT PENDING

Milk Froth build up in the receiving cans of Dairy Sheds/Parlours becomes an issue when it overflows into the Sanitary Trap and/or the vacuum pipes. Froth Fighter is a method of controlling the speed of the milk pump in order to limit froth build up in the Receiving Can. The 'Froth Fighter' Software that does this is incorporated into the Sema Variable Speed Milk Pump Controller.

I developed Froth Fighter in late 2013 and, on the 19th of February 2014 I applied for a patent on the operating principle behind it. Please note that, although this article gives full details of the operating principle  of Froth Fighter, that principle can not be legally copied without my permission. If you are an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and would like to use the Froth Fighter principle in your equipment please ask me first, you may be surprised at the answer (it could well be yes) and asking me may save a lot of unpleasantness further down the track.

In the time that I've been developing Froth Fighter I have investigated frothing problems in a vast number of farms up and down the country. The result of the hundreds of hours that I have spent both investigating and experimenting with the causes and cures for milk frothing has been to teach me how little I actually knew about frothing issues and, in most cases, to totally reverse what I had always believed.

Here are the two key things that I learned during my research and it is this knowledge that I used in the creation of Froth Fighter:-

  • In a Shed/Parlour with a Frothing issue the bulk of the Froth is NOT created in the can! I always believed that the main cause for froth generation was milk falling on top of milk which was already in the can or, in the case  a 'Gull Wing' type plant with a central Receiving Can, by the turbulence that was generated when the two streams of milk mixed in the can. My research shows that this is untrue, while some frothing can and does occur in the can the froth bubbles caused by milk falling on top of milk or by milk streams mixing are relatively large and tend to dissipate quite quickly. My research shows that, in milking plants which have a severe frothing issue, the milk is already frothy when it gets to the Receiving Can.

  • Centrifugal Pumps WILL pump froth. It's almost a mantra in the Dairy Industry that "Centrifugal Pumps won't pump froth". I used to chant this myself and there is an element of truth to it but it's not the whole story. A centrifugal pump won't pump pure froth but it will very happily pump a mixture of froth and milk and, if the speed of the pump is set exactly correctly so that the optimum ratio between milk (which is entering the can continuously during milking) and froth is maintained, they will pump froth quite happily without cavitating and without damaging their seals.

                                                 How Froth Fighter Works

The Sema controller uses an analogue float level probe which can accurately measure the level of milk in the Receiving Can. As soon as milk starts entering the receiving can and the float level probe starts to rise the Sema Controller begins to accelerate the pump, it will continue to accelerate the pump until the level of milk in the receiving can starts to drop. At this point the Sema controller will keep the pump running at whatever speed it accelerated up to until the can is empty and the pump out timer has timed out.

This seemingly simple method (it's not really that simple to do, there is a lot of software involved in making this happen) automatically causes the pump to be running at the optimum speed for clearing the can of milk and froth without causing the pump to cavitate.

Froth Fighter is a selectable operating mode in all Sema MPC's. It can be used with any type of pump but will give the most noticeable benefits when used with centrifugal pumps as all other pump types are good at pumping froth anyway.

There are now hundreds of dairy farms running Froth Fighter software. With very-very rare exceptions Froth Fighter has solved the frothing issues on these farms and, in the vast majority of cases has been the only froth prevention measure that has been needed. In the small number of farms where the frothing issue has not been solved Froth Fighter has always made an improvement and, in the early days when I was offering a money back guarantee on Froth Fighters effectiveness, not one single farmer asked for his money back.

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